JoAnn Borovicka

Each of JoAnn's mixed media works tells a story. Whether exploring relationship with time, technology, popular culture, the past, or the future, her art depicts universal themes of what it is to be human and has intergenerational appeal. Materials include shapes that she carves, molds, sews, or in other ways creates herself as well as found items. "I like to incorporate into my art the personality of objects that have had a long life and would otherwise be headed for the landfill."  The following gallery shows a sample of JoAnn's art. Click any image to scroll through with titles.  Additional work may be seen at www.JosTree.artcall.org. Click here for recent and upcoming juried exhibitions. To read "The Vision of Race Unity -- America's Most Challenging Issue" quoted in the "Facing Race Together" exhibit, go to  https://bahai-library.com/nsa_race_unity.

The fire